Hamilton: An American Musical

If you asked any American who Alexander Hamilton was, you might get some people who would say he’s that guy on the ten dollar bill or he was shot by Aaron Burr (thanks brilliant milk ad). Yet perhaps in a few year more people will learn more about Hamilton thanks to Lin-Manuel Miranda’s brilliant musical. It is inspired by the music that Miranda grew up with rap, hip-hop, R& B, jazz, pop, Tin Pan Alley, and traditional musical theater. The show is a nice blend of all these styles of music. It is a mostly sung through show which has garnered rave reviews from just about everywhere. The cast recording debuted at 12 on the Billboard 200 and has been at the top of the rap charts. Rolling Stone and Billboard both have it as one of the top ten albums in 2015. Hamilton started 2015 Off-Broadway and it garnered many awards for this production, who can say what comes next. Grammy? Pulitzer?

The musical takes the story of Hamilton and gives us a highlighted version of the events and tells us a bit more about one of the forgotten founding father. The musical is unique as it tells a story of the American past with the people of the present take a look at the cast and we’ve got founding fathers not being played by white guys and race doesn’t really matter with the cast.  It’s a nice addition to 1776 as musicals about the founding of the United States. One of the cool things is that the musical has women featured in large roles (Elizabeth and Angelica Schuyler). Just by listening to Hamilton I know a lot more about Hamilton then I did when I began and think that the book Alexander Hamilton by Ron Chernow would be something interesting to look at.


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