Finding of the Child Jesus in the Temple

The fruit of this mystery is True Wisdom and True Conversion, Piety.

When you hear these fruits you think there will be some sort of knowledge that it is talking about, but it is more like the gifts of the Holy Spirit. Sure when we were confirmed we learned the seven gifts and have most likely forgotten half or maybe even all of them. The seven gifts of the Holy Spirit are Wisdom, Understanding, Counsel, Fortitude, Knowledge, Piety and Fear of the Lord (Wonder and Awe) these are the gift that the Spirit have been given to us at Baptism and are strengthened at Confirmation. Piety is one of these fruits and it’s sort of like humility and piousness rolled into one thing.  I hope that we can all learn some more about the fruits of the spirit and try to live our lives according to them in this upcoming year.


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