Inside Out (2015)

Over Christmas my niece got Inside Out and decided that the whole family needed to watch it. So we watched it and I can say that it is nice to see Pixar make a non sequel film  every once in a while. Spoilers to follow.

Inside Out tells the story of Riley and the emotions in her head, joy, fear, anger, sadness and disgust. Joy and Sadness get lost and have to find their way back to headquarters after a move across the country and an embarrassing first day at school for Riley. The lost of Joy and Sadness  causes great trouble in Riley’s life as everything that make her who she it means nothing to her since Joy is gone. It is a unique look into the mind and reminded me of the thing at Epcot where it’s more the body parts, like brain, lungs, heart, bladder, stomach, etc. It seems like there could be more and more stories to tell in the world but it would only be interesting if like they tackled puberty or something several years in the future.

The idea was cute in several things I’ve read about the film they compared it with the show from the early 90s Herman’s Head. The biggest problem I have with the film is that if we look at most of Riley’s memories they are mostly joyful, sure it could just be that as a youngster Riley can only handle these simple emotions since as the film end we have a new core memory that is both joy and sadness and then see more memories that are combinations of the other emotions as well.  All in all it was a return to form for Pixar, especially after the last couple of films have been disappointments. If you haven’t seen it the film is a fun afternoon or so.


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