News Roundup

Movies: The National Board of Review has announced their Best of 2015 in film. Surprisingly, Mad Max: Fury Road was announced as the Best Film of the year and the latest Pixar film Inside Out was Best Animated Film. The Martian, Hateful Eight and something called Room all took home multiple awards as well. Now the National Board of Review doesn’t have the best track record for picking Oscars but as Time points out it’s a genre film and considered a feminist action flick. Perhaps this will lead to more films like Mad Max with well written female characters who have depth.

Continuing in the world of film Tarantino’s Hateful Eight has been confirmed as a three hour long film with an Overture and an Intermission like films of yore, although that is only the Roadshow version of the film. This sounds like the most interesting film that has come out in ages. I hope that I can find one of the Roadshow locations playing the 70mm print. Since that would be really cool to see. The actually film will be approximately 12 minutes shorter with out six minutes of film an the Intermission.

Poetry: I dug up this from the New Yorker about memorizing poetry. It interesting and the basic premise is that by memorizing poems the poems become part of us. Just tapping to it on a smartphone isn’t that smart. Memorization is important in the world and sure student complain about it but they can memorize lyrics to songs no problem. After reading this it inspired me to memorize poems and monologues one a month in the upcoming year since it’s a great way to impress people.

Church: Pope Francis has sent his equal Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew a message on the Feast of St. Andrew in which Pope Francis says, “there is no longer any impediment to Eucharistic communion,” and progress “towards the full communion” can “draw inspiration from the gesture of reconciliation and peace by our venerable predecessors Paul VI and Athenagoras I,” who lifted the mutual excommunications of 1054.” I think that most of this is just trying to set up Nicea III that so called meeting scheduled for 2025. This really isn’t much as some people are making it out to be.


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