Jessica Jones

Netflix released their new Marvel show Jessica Jones last Friday and I like many other people have already watch through the series. Jessica Jones is not your average hero in fact she was first introduced in the Marvel MAX imprint, which is a place where Marvel could tell more adult stories as the Marvel Rating System generally put it this is like a film that is R-rated. So the stories are more mature then most other comic books.  Spoilers to follow.

The television show begins with Jessica as a Private Eye running Alias Investigation, this is after her time with Killgrave. This first season like Daredevil’s is about embracing the heroic side, which Jessica decides if enough people think she’s a hero perhaps if she does it long enough she will feel the same. People across the internet have been raving about the series with the talk about rape and PTSD, as well as tackling the big problem the lack of females in the MCU. I like the article from Vox about how Jessica Jones even subverts the Bechdel test.

One of the stand out elements of this show for me is that there is a focus on some of the non super heroes that are alongside these superheroes. In particular the role of Trish and Malcolm I think that these people are among the most important in the series as Jessica need these people in her life to relate to the real world. As these were some of the more interesting relationships in the show.  Let’s hope that this shows depiction of female relationships (Trish and Jessica, Jessica and Hogarth, Hogarth and her ex\lover) can inspire other shows and movies to treat women as actual characters and not just objects that the men get to act around. If you enjoyed Daredevil you are bound to like Jessica Jones, and if you are sick and tired of only men being superheroes this is a must watch. Especially if you need to escape from Thanksgiving.


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