Salinger books coming soon?

Back in 2013 there was some talk with the release of Salinger by Shane Salerno that there would be some new books supposedly from the vault. According to reports there were instructions ‘authorizing a specific timetable’ (starting between 2015 and 2020) for the release of unpublished work. However there was no specific dates listed so who knows when they will be coming out. I think we all expected the five books to be released once a year from 2015-20, but with 2015 quickly coming to an end with no real word about a new Salinger in the news it looks like the wait continues. I am really looking forward to these new books as I’ve got all the other books and Franny and Zooey is one of my all time favorites.  They were going to be on my Christmas list but that’s out of the question now. So we can only hope that 2016 will bring us a new Salinger book and it won’t be as horrible as I’ve heard Harper Lee’s Go Set A Watchmen, the early draft of Mockingbird that everyone was clamoring for this past summer.  If only we could have gotten something more akin to the fictional film “Kill Mo’ Mockingbird: Boo Radley Loose in the ‘Hood” which Opus lamented in Outland.


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