Christ the King

As we arrive at the final week in the Liturgical year we once again have readings that speak of the end of the world but also about the kingship of Jesus. The first reading comes from the same place as last week the prophet Daniel. Daniel tells us of a dream in which the Son of man coming on the clouds of heaven and when he met the Ancient of Days, the Son of man received dominion, glory and kingship. All people will serve him and reign of the Son of man will never end. This is saying that we should have hope that even though we are stuck in our situations in life the Son of man will be our king. Christians have used this as a reference to Jesus, the Jewish people have at least from my reading that it means more like the Children of the most high or like the Chosen People there will be a time when they will be in control of their own lives, Daniel wrote during the captivity in Babylon. So these were words people wanted to hear.

Turning to the second reading we hear from the final book of the Bible, Revelation. This is from the beginning of the book and John writes that it is to the seven churches and from Jesus and the seven spirits. The main part of this reading is the “I am the Alpha and Omega…the one who is and was and is to come” I am the beginning and the end as we enter this final week of the year we are reminded that Jesus is the beginning which we will get in a couple of weeks as John begins his Gospel “The Word was with the Lord and the Word was the Lord” The Word will be made flesh and make its dwelling with us. Here we are reminded that Jesus and his heavenly father will be there for us at all times. Finally in the Gospel of John we hear from the Passion narrative where Pilate asks Jesus “Are you the King of the Jews?” Jesus replies that sure he is a King but his kingdom doesn’t belong to this world. Let us remind ourselves that Jesus is the King of the Universe and that our mission is to try and build his kingdom here on earth this is the role of all people.


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