News Roundup

Star Wars: We start with the primary fact that the new film comes out in a month. Kevin Smith has said some good things about the film. Honest Trailer has done a the original Star Wars. Over on Wired they have an interesting article that basically says that “There is never going to be a final Star Wars movie” since the thing major studios are doing now is all about the Universe, Marvel is a great example they’ve made a dozen films and have three television shows, soon to be four all set in the same shared world. This seems like the way franchises are going to work. With Star Wars they’ve already had an extensive written canon (sadly Disney erased it from the film canon) but from here they can make just about any type of story that a director wants.

Symphonic Metal: While I was browsing on Reddit I stumbled on this genre of music. It a weird mix of classical with drums and guitars.

Movies: Hollywood is going to reboot/remake the 2000 Christopher Nolan film Memento. This is clearly a horrible idea since the original just came out. Sure it makes some sense if it were a foreign film being remade in English, but I’m not that big of a fan of those film either. With films being more widely available to the consumer especially from places across the globe why not just release the film with subtitles or I’m not a big fan of it but they could even dub the film and release it to the American audience.  Case in point Oldboy, the South Korean film is considered a masterpiece but the American version was a dud. If Hollywood is out of ideas lets let some young directors make something like an American Graffiti or a Clerks, all films don’t have to be 100 million dollar productions. In fact some of the least expensive films have had the greatest return on Investment. Yet giving young directors a chance to make an original film is a necessity for Hollywood.

Language: The OED, the definitive record keepers of the English, have named the Emoji ‘Face with Tears of Joy’ the word of 2015. Is this a good idea, clearly it isn’t but with so many people communicating with emojis it seems like it was about time that it happened. It is interesting to see that this is the direction that language might be heading, With texting and messaging like this so commonplace maybe a hundred years from now spelling tests will consist of drawing different emojis.



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