Fall Television reviews

So this year most all of the show took forever to debut right now there is only one show that hasn’t debuted yet, Chicago Med and some reviewers have said that it’s like a modern day ER or something. So let’s go through the week

New Shows: Life in Pieces, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend and Supergirl. These are all cute shows.Crazy Ex is a cool concept but it would have worked better with less commercials like on some paid cable network (Showtime seems to have these great ideas for musical television shows like Smash and Crazy Ex-Girlfriend but they don’t pick them up). Supergirl has been decent but Superman has been hanging on the sidelines see the io9 article.  Although some  shows have not fared as well The Muppets as a workplace comedy is a middling show but it’s getting a relaunch in the spring with a new show runner so we will see what happens. Neil Patrick Harris’s variety show is\was not as fun as we all expected it to be. Heroes Reborn had promise but it fail to live up to the hype.

I find myself watching mostly the comic book television shows still and that’s about it sure The Muppets  is fun but it’s a sad attempt at a Muppet show


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