Master of None

The new Netflix series Master of None from Aziz Ansari and Alan Yang is by far the best show I’ve watched this fall season. Most reviews have claimed it as “The Millennial Louie or Seinfeld” and I would have to agree with them for the most part for the simple reason that most Broadcast television has to engage several demographics but with it being on Netflix they can focus on the late twentysomethings/thirtysomethings who are bound to have binge watched the whole series by now. I found that I could identify with the struggle that it seems all of us in that age bracket have to face. More importantly Master of None goes places that regular television would never dare to go, with race being a big part of the show and a full episode on feminism.

Master of None centers on Dev (Ansari), a 30 year old actor, who hasn’t gotten anything really big and his life. The underlying questions are what do you want in your life and who do you want to share it with. The show features some standout performances from the unlikeliest of places, Aziz Ansari’s parents play his parents on this  show and they especially his father Shoukath Ansari have been getting raves from just about everywhere. I hope that this show inspires others to take a chance and talk about serious topics inspiring ways. If you are looking for something to watch this is one that i strongly suggest.


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