Lesser known…

This week I found two groups of saints who’s feast day is this week. I don’t think that “group saints” are that common sure there are the some others like the 26 Martyrs of Japan and Issac Jogues and companions but this week we have a unique one the Four Crowned Martyrs. The Four Crowned Martyrs are so named because they were all martyrs. They consist of two groups of people who actually number nine people. According to tradition the first group was Severus (or Secundius), Severian(us), Carpophorus, Victorinus they were Roman soldiers who refused to offer a sacrifice to Asclepius and were killed by Diocletian. In the second group was Claudius, Castorius, Symphorian (Simpronian), Nicostratus, and Simplicius these five were sculptors who refused to make a pagan statue for Diocletian or make an offering to a Roman god Diocletian was not to pleased with this and had them placed alive in lead coffins and thrown into the sea, around 287. This was years before the soldiers would be killed.  The others are a more traditional since they are a group of Martyrs who died at the same time. the Lubeck martyrs. This group is three Catholic priests and an Evangelical-Luthern Pastor, Fathers Hermann Lange, Eduard Müller and Johannes Prassek, along with Lutheran pastor Karl Friedrich Stellbrink, who were guillotined in a Hamburg prison in November 1943.  They have only been named blessed, but they would pass around sermons from the Bishop of Munster Clemens August Graf von Galen. On Palm Sunday 1942 Stellbrink preached that the latest air raid on the city was God’s judgement on them. They would be arrested and a year later were put on trial where they were charged with “defeatism, malice, favouring the enemy and listening to enemy broadcasts” and sentenced to death.

World Kindness Day: This is a day which we should celebrate everyday. The World Kindness Movement is behind the day which highlights good deeds in the community focusing on the positive power and the common thread of kindness which binds us together since kindness is a fundamental part of the human condition.  They are working to get the UN to officially recognize the day and for members of the United Nations to  unanimously sign a Declaration of Support for World Kindness. This would be a good thing to do since I think if we all were a little bit kinder just think of how the world would be.


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