32nd Sunday in Ordinary Time

This week we are back in Ordinary Time and continue our tour in the Old Testament, our first reading comes from the first Book of Kings. In the Hebrew Bible it is a part of the Neviim (prophets) and is a single book. The book covers about 500 years in the history of Israel/Judah from the death of David to the Babylonian captivity. We hear today about the prophet Elijah. He was entering a city and encountered a widow collecting sticks. He asked for a small cup of water, when she left he called for a bit of bread as well. The widow called told Elijah that she didn’t have any bread baked and only a handful of flour in a jar and a little bit of oil in a jug, she was collecting the stick to make a small fire so that she could make a little something for herself and son, saying that after they eat it they will die. Elijah tells her to make a little cake for him before making something for herself. For the Lord had said that her jar and jug would not go empty until the Lord send rain upon the earth. So the widow did this and her flour and oil supply lasted for a full year. This is a story about putting our trust in the Lord who will provide for us and also in the giving to other will do amazing things as the widow make Elijah’s cake before her own, and her flour and oil remained full for a year.

In the second reading we hear from the letter to the Hebrews again it about Jesus being the High Priest and how he takes away the sins of the World. Finally we reach the Gospel where we hear from Mark, this is an interesting story this week as Jesus talks money and the “fakeness” of some scribes. Jesus begins by berating the scribes who act holier than thou, since they are simply putting on an act and “they will receive very severe condemnation.” The subject then turn to money and Jesus notices a rich man and a poor widow both going to the treasury and giving some money. The rich man put in lots of money but the poor widow can only put in a couple cents. Jesus gathers the disciples together and says that it was the widow who has put more money in because the money that she gave was from her livelihood rather than that of the rich who gave from their surplus. Who are we more like the rich man or the poor widow? That’s a big question for the week. The general idea with the readings this week was giving and how to do it. It is apropos that as we are nearing two special days that celebrate giving, Veterans/Remembrance Day and Thanksgiving. On Veterans Day we celebrate those who have gone the extra mile and served the nation in most of the rest of the world November 11 is Remembrance Day where we remember the live of those who gave it all for us to live in the world that we live in today. On Thanksgiving we gather together and celebrate family and give thanks for all that we have.


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