News Round up

Hamilton:  This is the story which keeps on growing as  the cast album debuted as the No. 1 Broadway Cast Album, as well as No. 3 on the Rap Album and No. 9 on the Top Current Albums chart. Talk about general interest and there hasn’t been any $1.99 sales on this album and it hasn’t won any Tony Awards yet, so I expect numbers to rise when it wins a Tony and doubt that Amazon will be having a sale on it any time soon.

Elections: Yes in the US yesterday was Election Day but it wasn’t a Presidential election so not many people when out to vote. It was mostly local elections but in Ohio there were some interesting issues on the ballot one was a marijuana legalization measure which didn’t pass and there was one about gerrymandering which Passed and will reform the process of how redistricting works in Ohio by making it bipartisan, it basically bans partisan gerrymandering. I hope that this can catch on in other states.

Space: This is pretty cool we’ve been living in space for the past 15 years. The International Space Station has been in space since 1998, but the Expedition 1 crew didn’t arrive until 2000. We are currently on Expedition 45. For all those people who like to day we don’t live in the future there have been people living in space for 15 years.


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