Wedding at Cana

This is an interesting event in the life of Christ as he doesn’t want to do anything. Saying that “It is not yet my time” but Mary has none of this and tells the stewards to do what Jesus tells them. The miracle of turning water to wine was not how Jesus wanted to start his public ministry but Mary saw that it was time.  This miracle only appears in John’s Gospel so some scholars believe that it might be just a metaphorical as a way to link Jesus to Moses or it might be allegorical that the best is yet to come, with Jesus being this new and better wine.

Let us remember the words of Mary as we near the end of this liturgical year “Do whatever he tells you” as these are more than Mary talking to the servants but across the generation to us here today. I hope we all can keep out ears open for the voice of Jesus in the world today and try to follow Mary’s advice.


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