The X-Files

The past several months I’ve been working my way through all nine season of The X-Files. It started when I was in the fourth grade and ran until I was a junior in high school. I watched it for a while, various episodes between seasons 4-7 and I have seen the movies but I’ve never have watched the whole series sure I might have watched a few episodes from earlier or later seasons but never in order from first to last.

Since the miniseries is coming out in January I decided to watch it all, finally I finished. I can say this Season 1-8 are wonderful but Season 9 gets a bit muddier there are some great episodes but others mostly monster of the week episodes are weaker.  I think that having Scully there sometimes makes sense but at other times you question why they always go to Scully after she starts teaching at the FBI Academy.

The X-Files began with Dana Scully trying to prove that the X-files discovered by Fox Mulder were scientifically bunk. Over the next seven season she becomes a believer in the paranormal, Scully is abducted and eventually becomes pregnant. At the end of the seventh season Mulder is abducted and this forms the first half of season eight. Scully is given a new partner John Doggett and Scully is now the believer and Doggett takes the role of skeptic. In the second half of the season Mulder comes back and at season end Scully gives birth. In the final season Mulder goes into hiding and Scully is a new parent and takes a job at the academy, so Doggett gets a new partner in Monica Reyes who helped them out in the previous season.

The truth is still out there and it all depends on our belief.

The miniseries comes out in January and is six episodes long with a couple mythology episodes but mostly monster of the week episodes.

Maybe I’ll add some more later as well


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