News Roundup

Hamilton: This is some cool news and i really wished I was a kid in high school in New York City this year. Since 20,000 of them will be going to see Hamilton for a Hamilton. As you should know Hamilton is about Alexander Hamilton, the forgotten founding father. If you haven’t yet check out the music online since it’s real good many people have speculated that it might even win the Pulitzer Prize, and basically sweep the Tony Awards.

Mythbusters: Some sad news as Mythbusters is ending.

World Series: The New York Mets and The Kansas City Royals meet up together in this years World Series. Whoever wins will be ending a long streak of 29 and 30 years respectively. The Mets have great  starting pitchers and the Royals have a great bullpen, so it’s a coin flip as to who will win this.  The first game was last night and it was won by the Royals in 14 innings.


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