Godzilla (2014)

The American tried to make another Godzilla movie last year and sure it was better than the last one with Matthew Broderick in it but it still felt like too much was going on.

The film is essentially a reboot of Godzilla for Americans so it starts back in the 50s with the Nuke tests which kills a giant monster or something. We then skip forward to 1999 when Joe Brody (Bryan Cranston) lives in Japan with his family and he runs a nuclear power plant and there has been some earthquake like things and so he sends his wife to check it out and she dies. We then skip forward fifteen years to 2014 and the focus changes to that of Joe’s son Ford. Ford is a Navy guy who lives in San Francisco and has just arrived back home when he gets a call to bail his Dad out of Japanese jail for trespassing in the “quarantine zone”. So Ford goes off to Japan and bails Joe out and Joe convinced Ford that they have to go to their old house to recover some data which he had printed out or something. They get captured by soldiers and brought to a secret facility, it’s the old power plant and after several power outages a gigantic MUTO appears it destroys the facility and Joe dies.

The Navy admiral who is in charge then explains that Godzilla is why the nuclear test happened in the 50s since they were trying to defeat Godzilla. The plot gets a bit weirder as the MUTO is actually echolocation and communicating with some other MUTO and it turns out that ones a male and the other a female and they are going to breed in San Francisco for some reason. Then Godzilla shows up  It’s not really explained very well, or perhaps it was while I was “resting my eyes”, since the movie is really long clocking in at over a half an hour longer than the original Godzilla.  So Godzilla fights the two MUTOs and eventually wins since it’s a Godzilla movie.

It was a decent film but as I said earlier it’s long. If you are a fan of Godzilla it’s a nice movie nothing great to write home about  but okay. If you are looking for something more like the original you will have to wait until Toho releases Shin Gojira, their rebooted Godzilla film they are working on which is expected to be released in Summer of 2016


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