Lesser known…

Pope John Paul II, born Karol Józef Wojtyła (18 May 1920 – 2 April 2005)
John Paul II the Pope for most of many of our lifetimes having served for 26 years. Some claim to be a part of the JPII generation since he was their Pope having grown up in a church lead by him, others claim to be a Benedict XVI generation and I’m sure there are some out there who are a part of the Francis generation but I like the more wide spreading term as the Vatican II generation as We have all lived in the post Vatican II world  for a half century now and much of the interpretation of Vatican II came from John Paul II. May we all pray to John Paul II, the pope of the family, this week and ask him to help inspire those at the Synod on the Families.

International Nacho Day:  The lowly Nacho has it’s own day, this is real cool as most people would say they like Nachos and now they have a reason to eat some. I know that I will be going out this week and getting some Nachos in some form from somewhere on the 21st.

Luigi Guanella (19 December 1842–24 October 1915)
Luigi Guanella was an Italian priest who was sensitive to the needs of the poor and this gave birth to his religious communities who provide for their needs throughout the world. Luigi founded several religious orders including the Servants of Charity whose motto is In Omnibus Charitas – In all things Love. When he was canonized Pope Benedict XVI said ” We can summarize his whole human and spiritual life in his last words on his death-bed: “in caritate Christi”. It is Christ’s love that illumines the life of every person, revealing through the gift of himself to others that nothing is lost but is fully realized for our happiness.”




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