Pictor Ignotus

Robert Browning’s poem Pictor Ignotus is the story of everyone when they go to an art gallery we all wander around and look at the pieces and think to ourselves  I could do that. This was a reflection I had on the poem back in college. Taking note of the title Pictor Ignotus mean that the painter is unknown, so the speaker is either this unknown painter or in reference to the painting which was done by an unknown painter.  It seems like this is more of a dramatic monologue than a poem. That’s the gist of the entire poem.  Why have a diatribe about a painting? It just doesn’t seem to be a logical thing to get in a huff about. Perhaps, the speaker is saying all this because he is angered that his relations is focusing on the painting and is forgetting to pay attention to him or something like that. You really can’t say what type of relationship this is since Browning  doesn’t really focus on the relationship the speaker. Then at the end he says “die my pictures” this is when he come to the point that he says that he couldn’t do that, as is true for all people going to art galleries. Or perhaps this could just be a reflection on Art in general and how everyone has an opinion about Art but we leave it up to Critics to decide what is good and what isn’t.


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