Baseball Playoffs

As we have entered into the October, Major League Baseball has begun it’s playoffs sure there have been four games played but oh well, half of them were the meaningless play-in wild card game won by the Cubbies and the Astros.

In the American League, Houston beat the Yankees and have the pleasure of taking on a tough Kansas City team who were in the World Series last year. Currently the Astros are up a game. The other team from Texas the Rangers are taking on the Blue Jays, Texas is up one game as well. It would be cool to see a Texas battle in the ALCS but I highly doubt that’s going to happen.

Over in the National League, Chicago made quick work of the Pirates (they’ve had rotten luck in the Wild Card Games having hosted all three and only winning once) The Cubs have the joy of facing their biggest rival the Cardinals in a best of series and will be the first time they will face each other in the postseason in the modern era. Deep down i think that most people are pulling for the Cubs to make it an interesting series. The other two divisions face off against each other as the NY Mets take on the LA Dodgers this will be unique as the Mets replaced the Dodgers and Giants when they moved out to California.

Some tough games all around but if the current trend continues with the road team winning. Predictions:  What I am hoping for is that the Kansas City Royals will face the Rangers in the ALCS and the Cubs will face the Dodgers in the NLCS.  Although I’m not quite sure if the Cubs can overcome the Cardinals, but whoever comes out of the Cubs/Cardinals series is making it to the World Series.


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