Lesser Known…

Space Week: I can’t believe that I’ve never heard of World Space Week before today. It’s a UN observance created in 1999 that runs from October 4th (the day Sputnik 1 was launched) and runs to the 10th (the day of the signing of the  Outer Space Treaty). This is the largest space event of the year and is celebrated around the world. So take a break and go stare up at the sky sometime this week, and hope that we can help inspire the world to do more stuff in space,

Our Lady of the Rosary:  This feast for Mary was originated by Pope Pius V in 1571 after the Holy League a naval force from Spain and other Catholic nations in Southern Europe which fought in the Battle of Lepanto, believing that the Holy League wouldn’t do well Pope Pius V called for all of Europe to prayer the Rosary and Pius himself led a Rosary Procession in Rome. The Ottoman forces lost and never quite recovered from it. Pius V proclaimed 7 October as the Feast of Our Lady of Victory. In 1573, Pope Gregory XIII (the calendar guy) changed the name of the feast to Holy Rosary. Pope Clement XI would move it to the first Sunday in October, then Pius X changed it back to the seventh in 1913. Finally in 1960, John XXIII changed the name of the feast once again the Our Lady of the Rosary. If we’ve got some spare time this week it would be wonderful to prayer the Rosary on the 7th.

Anna Schäffer (18 February 1882 – 5 October 1925)
Anna is a mystic from Germany. Her father died which left the family in poverty so Anna had to drop out of school and she began work as a maid at 14, eventually hoping that she would be able to join a religious order. At, 16 Anna had a vision of Christ who told her that she was destined to endure long and painful suffering. In February of 1901 while doing some laundry Anna slipped and fell while trying to reattach a stove pipe and she boiled her legs in the washing water. She was taken to the hospital but nothing could be done, skin grafts didn’t succeed so she became completely immobile, Anna could no longer become a religious and had to be cared for by her mother. Despite all this she never lost her optimism and considered her suffering, her writing, and her ability to knit clothes for her friends the three “keys” by which she could enter Heaven. Benedict XVI said at her Canonization “She struggled for a time to accept her fate, but then understood her situation as a loving call from the crucified One to follow him. Strengthened by daily communion, she became an untiring intercessor in prayer and a mirror of God’s love for the many who sought her counsel. May her apostolate of prayer and suffering, of sacrifice and expiation, be a shining example for believers in her homeland, and may her intercession strengthen the Christian hospice movement in its beneficial activity.” John Paul II added this when she was beatified “Precisely in the most intense pain Anna Schäffer realized that every Christian is responsible for his neighbor’s salvation. For this purpose she used the pen.” Every Christian is responsible for our neighbor’s salvation, let us keep that in mind during the week. Anna’s writings have been printed in English as Thoughts and memories of my life of illness and my longing for the eternal homeland.


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