Consueverunt Romani Pontifices

Over the next couple of week I’m going to be pulling out some Encyclicals and Papal Bulls out about the Rosary since October in the Month of the Rosary.

Consueverunt Romani Pontifices is  a Papal Bull from Pope Pius V from 1569 and is arguably the oldest of papal documents that talks about the Rosary that is widely known. In Consueverunt Romani Pontifices Pius V officially established the Rosary as a Vatican approved prayer.  It mentions that St. Dominic looked to a simple way of praying and beseeching God, accessible to all and wholly pious, which is called the Psalter of the Blessed Virgin Mary, or Rosary. Pius notes that “Christ’s faithful, inflamed by these prayers, began immediately to be changed into new men. The darkness of heresy began to be dispelled, and the light of the Catholic Faith to be revealed.” This is document, or the fragment we have is relatively low key compared to some of the later Encyclicals which I’ve read.

I am a fan of the second section\paragraph “Following the example of our predecessors, seeing that the Church militant, which God has placed in our hands, in these our times is tossed this way and that by so many heresies, and is grievously troubled troubled and afflicted by so many wars, and by the deprave morals of men, we also raise our eyes, weeping but full of hope, unto that same mountain, whence every aid comes forth, and we encourage and admonish each member of Christ’s faithful to do likewise in the Lord. ” These words seem like they could have been written in the past decade, if this is a good thing I am not sure but it is our call to action that 500 years from now that it doesn’t. If you have some time especially in the upcoming month of October please pray the Rosary.


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