News roundup

Television: First off  fall television will be starting up next week so be prepared for my review of what new shows I’m watching this year.

The Splat? It seems like Nickelodeon is embracing the nostalgia of those  clamoring for more Classic Nick (90s and early 2000s) programs. As of right now I’m not sure if it is a new programming block to go along side The 90s are All That on Teen Nick or if it will becoming like an Adult Swim type channel that keeps the focus on programs from the 90s. This will happen in October so more will be known soon.

The final bit of television news is that someone completed all stages of the American Ninja Warrior. Actually two individuals made it to the end and got Total Victory.  American Ninja Warrior is adapted from Sasuke, a Japanese program aired as Ninja Warrior in the US, in Japan it has been run 31 times and only 5 people have ever completed the complete course. This season of American Ninja Warrior was it’s seventh and we had two winners.

Movies: This really isn’t news it’s someone’s opinion about movie trailers. They suggest that trailers for film coming out are giving too much of the story away. I have to agree that sometimes it seems the trailers are better than the movie. I think this is especially true with comedies which load the trailer with the jokes and make it seems like it is funnier than it really is. Half the time from what I see in a first trailer to come out that interests me in the film sort of falls by the wayside when the second and addition trailers come out. I mean Tomorrowland looked like a cool movie from it’s first trailer but by the third one I’d basically seen a cliff notes version of the movie. I didn’t rush out and see the movie and it got mediocre reviews in the press as well. This is another reason I don’t rush out and go see every movie that comes out, not to mention the cost of going to the movies as well.



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