Brigittine/Carmelite Rosary: Sorrowful

This time around it is added to the end and it is the same for both versions of the Rosary. Once again it bring Mary back into the mysteries, as the add after the Crucifixion, The Body of the Lord was placed in the Arms of His Sorrowful Mother. This is the part of the story that we mostly skip over, since it’s not in the Bible accounts which says that Joseph of Arimathea takes the body and places it in a tomb. The image with Mary and Jesus is known as the Pietà and it is a popular thing in art as are images of others crying over Jesus these are all types of Lamentation of Christ.  Michelangelo has the most famous Pietà.

I am a fan so far of these additional mysteries as we continually come back to Mary, and for most of the Rosary Mary isn’t mentioned anywhere. I hope that we can reflect on the pain that Mary felt when she held her son in her arms, as Simeon had prophesied at the Presentation “A sword will pierce your own soul” and may we share in this sorrow. Since we are there at the foot of the cross with Mary and the beloved disciple (John) whenever we are struggling in our lives we need to remember this.


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