Lesser Known…

 Zygmunt Szczęsny Feliński, SFO (1 November 1822– 17 September 1895)
Zygmunt has to be the last Saint in an alphabetical list of saints. He was canonized by Benedict XVI in 2009. Zygmunt was the third of six children and was born at the time when Poland was a part of the Russian Empire. When he was eleven his father died and five years later his mother was sent to Siberia for working to improve the social and economic conditions of the farmers. He studied mathematics at the University of Moscow after this he went to Paris and studies French literature at the Sorbonne. In 1851, he returned to Poland and enrolled in seminary, he became a priest in 1855. In 1857, Zygmunt founded the Congregation of Franciscan Sisters of the Family of Mary,there focus was to help Polish children who were hungry and help save the impoverished Catholic parishes targeted by the Tsar. Zygmunt became Archbishop of Warsaw in 1861 and it was a troubling time as the Russian weren’t that nice to the Polish people and by ’63 Zygmunt was arrested by Tsar Alexander II and exiled to Yaroslavi a place with little to no Catholics, but Zygmunt was undeterred as he raised money to support his fellow captives, built a church and spent some time writing.  After 20 years after negotiation between Russia and The Holy See Zygmunt was released and moved from archbishop of Warsaw to only a titular one. A little over a decade later he died in Krakow.

Feast of San Gennaro: The feast of Saint Januarius or Gennaro the patron saint of Naples is perhaps one of the better known Saints or at least people have heard of this saint since the festival is featured in The Godfather II and III as well as Mean Streets and is alluded to in The Sopranos. The event began as a single day affair when new immigrants from Naples gathered together on Mulberry Street in Manhattan. Today, it has grown to like an eleven day long event which celebrates Italian-American culture, and is the largest such festival in the US. In 2002 comedians, Jimmy Kimmel and Adam Carolla were instrumental in bringing the festival to LA.

United States Constitution Day:
September 17 is the date on which The Constitutional Convention signed the US Constitution. The purpose of this day is to honor all American Citizens as well as remember those who signed the Constitution. I think however that more could be done with this day sure they hand out tiny Constitutions but It would be wonderful if there were like a refresher on this living document. Many of us act like we know what is in the document but  I doubt that we really understand it, let alone those who work in the three branches of Government. It’s seven Articles long and has 27 Amendments attached to it, most American have a vague understanding of what this all says and mean but It would be wonderful if like on September 17th there were television programs about the Constitution so the general public would have a better understanding of their rights and responsibilities. For the simple reason that the Constitution begins with the phrase We the People. This is not just those in the branches of government but all of us.


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