NFL Season begins

Tom Brady and company will be kicking off the actual season tonight and stuff like that.  The Patriots will begin cheating the NFL out of another championship while all the other teams will sit beside and know that it’s basically because the Commissioner Roger Goodell and Robert Kraft, owner of the Patriots are close friends. If Jerry Jones were doing the things New England has been doing according to the reports from ESPN I think Jones would be without a football team.

This year we will see the first female coach (Arizona Cardinals) as well as the first female ref and that’s about the most notable change over last year. A unique feature this season will be that there will be “rematches” of some previous Super Bowls since it is the fiftieth Super Bowl, stylized at Super Bowl 50. The biggest question that many people are asking “Is this Peyton’s last season?” Manning has been in the NFL since 1998 and people have asked this question in the past as well, but speaking of Manning, Tom Brady is getting pretty up there as well. This season we may see the final installment of Brady/Manning.

Some predictions for the playoffs in the AFC New England, Denver, and The Colts are most likely to win their divisions with the AFC North the only hard one to predict who will win but just chalk one or at least two in Baltimore and Pittsburgh. The NFC is a bit harder, Green Bay seems like a lock as does have the Seahawks try and get to the Super Bowl for a third consecutive time. The NFC South and East are a bit difficult to choose as anyone could win these two most notably the East hasn’t had a repeat champion in over a decade.

Questions: Will the Browns throw the season to be able to draft who ever comes from Ohio State? Who will be moving to LA the Rams, or Chargers/Raiders and if the Chargers/Raiders who will switch to the NFC? Will RGIII get on the field at all this season, and if he does will it be with Washington or someplace else? Can the NFL fix the way it handles suspensions so that they will stick, and set up some sort of tribunal or something other than the Commissioner having final say as to who gt suspended and for how long? Will New England eventually become that mediocre team that they were before 2000? Finally will the NFL let teams have alternate helmets again? Since I really liked the brown leather helmet that Washington had with it’s throwback uniform back in 2012, and it seems like college teams change up their helmets week after week and no one is complaining about that.


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