2015 College Football Season

It’s that time of year again College teams across the nation will be fighting to make the final College Football Championship that four team final at the end of the season, that Ohio State won last year or earlier this year. it’s somewhat exciting but it does draw the whole thing out a bit much. by the second weekend in January I really don’t care about College Football since the NFL playoffs have begun. however it could have just been that I didn’t care for any of the teams in the first playoffs. (Oregon, FSU, Alabama, Ohio State)

This year I really don’t care who does anything although I do want to see upsets throughout the year starting on Monday night when Ohio State plays in Blacksburg hoping to avenge the only blemish on their Championship season. Other highlight of the season will be watching Jim Harbaugh as he tries to right the ship that is Michigan. Navy has joined the American Athletic conference.

So here goes my predictions:
AAC: Navy or Memphis will be playing Cincinnati in the Championship game
ACC: Florida State or Clemson if FSU’s QB situation isn’t figured out will be playing on of the TechsBIG 10: rematch of last years game Ohio State/Wisconsin
BIG 12: Another mess (TCU and someone else) which convinces them to have a championship game
C-USA: Marshall, I guess
MAC:  Who’s in the MAC? A Directional School like, Northern Illinois
Mountain West: Boise State
PAC 12: Most likely Oregon or Stanford  will be playing USC
SEC: I hope that Tennessee makes it but that being overly optimistic Auburn or Alabama seem likely
Sun Belt: I’ve got no clue Appalachian State or Georgia Southern?



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