News Roundup

Space: Denmark has joined the list of nations with a person who has gone to space. Andreas Mogensen becomes the first Dane in space with an 10 day mission. He is also joined by the first ever from KazCosmos, the National Space Agency of the Republic of Kazakhstan, although several who launched as part of the Russian\Soviet Cosmonaut program. On his mission Mogensen will do over 50 hours of research according the the ESA this is a lot as normally astronauts carry out about 80 hours over a six month stay. They will fly around the earth about 30 times and it will reach the ISS in about 50 hours. Morgensen also brought up some specially made Lego with him.

Election 2016: We have a projected winner in the 2016 United States Presidential Election, already and before we even know who the candidates are Moody’s put together this projection and it’s been highly accurate in the past. So Congratulations go out to Bernie or Hilary or Joe or some other person. Now this is a very early projection and who knows what all will happen once we get into the debates and the actual campaigns

Beer: Dogfish Head’s 20th Anniversary Ale is expected to be 20% AbV. It looks like it will be reaching store some time in October as well. Now I haven’t really explored these high alcohol content beers but it sounds interesting sure I’ve had winter beer but I don’t think I’ve had any beers over 10% AbV.


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