News Roundup

Guns in America: This is a big problem in the United States and once again it reared it’s head and more lives have been lost, this time some Television Journalists in Virginia. So I stumbled upon a Politfact’s article which claims that More Americans have been killed by guns since 1968 then all the combined US war dead. They did the work and yes it is a true statement. This is a sobering realization perhaps there needs to be some more talk about guns in America. Earlier this year The Washington Post told us that there has been 204 mass shooting this year in 204 days, this number has grown to 249 in 239 days according to the Mass Shooting tracker. The United States needs to do something about the mental health system as well as perhaps do some common sense gun reform, as there hasn’t really been discussion about gun control since the Brady Act (background checks) was passed in 1993.

DC Panda-monium: Well there is some good news and some bad news here. The National Zoo has just had the birth of panda twins, this is a huge moment as it seems everyone loves pandas. Mei Xiang the female Panda on loan from China has had two other children who have made it the beloved Tian Tian, and the adorable Bao Bao.  The Onion has a great take on the story. However the sad news is that one of the panda died and that’s the heartbreaking news, however the most recent reports say that the bigger of the two is thriving.

Movies: Star Wars just released a clip on Instagram with Finn holding a blue lightsaber, confirming what I thought was something we already knew, but it looks like Finn will be fighting Kylo Ren in the snow somewhere.

This other story is sort of movie related as there is a Galaxy Quest television series in the works. According to Entertainment Weekly the show was shopped around and Amazon is currently looking at it. Right now it in the very early stage, so there is no real details about what form the show would take, picking up from then end of the film with the continuing adventures of Galaxy Quest or if it would be a reboot or even perhaps a next generation type show.

Finally the most recent Screen Junkies ‘s  Honest Trailer for Mad Max: Fury Road, came out and I just learned that George Miller, who directed the Mad Max films also did both Babe and Happy Feet movies, as well as Lorenzo’s Oil. Talk about a versatile director.

Oh and there was this thing about dating which looked like an interesting read but I never got around to it. It’s an excerpt for the book Date-onomics: How Dating Became a Lopsided Numbers Game by Jon Birger, the focus of the excerpt is how the Jewish and Mormon faiths are dealing with the uneven ratio of college educated women and college educated men as there are 5 women for every 4 men in their 30s. It’s a long article but interesting.


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