Ernest & Celestine (2012)

Ernest and Celestine is based on the series of children’s books Ernest et Célestine by Gabrielle Vincent.  This is a simple story about a mouse (Celestine) and a bear (Ernest) who become unlikely friends, as Celestine has been told all her life that bear are mean and will eat you. Celestine longs to be an artist and doesn’t want to get involved in dentistry. Early one morning Ernest frees Celestine from a trash can where she had been trapped and offers to get Ernest more food to fill him up that just a single mouse. At this point Ernest gets arrested and Celestine breaks him free and Ernest agrees to help her bring teeth down to the world of the rodents. They are soon pursued by both the bear cops and rodent cops.  They make their escape to a cabin Ernest has in the woods and it soon become winter.  The two eventually become friends. 

This film has a unique visual style as it  echoes the water colors from the books and is lovingly hand drawn. It’s a pretty looking movie. The film has had critical acclaim it even won the Magritte Award for Best Film in 2012, Magritte Awards are given to the best film in Belgium, and Ernest and Celestine is the first animated film to win this award.

If you haven’t seen this film go out of your way and watch it. The film is a little over an hour long  and it is a great way to break up the stranglehold that Disney and Dreamworks have on the animated film market. If you have children get it and watch the film with them, it’s got a nice positive message as well.

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