Lesser Known…

We begin this week by commemorating two horrible thing today is The International Day for the Remembrance of the Slave Trade and its Abolition as well as Black Ribbon Day (European Day of Remembrance  for Stalinism and Nazism), these were the horrible faults of the past two centuries and we should remember then more than we do. In the United States you can still see some of the problems that have long simmered in regards with slavery in the culture today look at the recent uproar about the Confederate Battle Flag and the whole “Black Lives Matter” movement.  The horrors of Communist and Nazi regimes are languishing in congress It had 48 cosponsors and still got no where. it was originally introduced in 2013 but it didn’t go anywhere so it was reintroduced and it basically hasn’t  moved since, this is a shame that they can’t get this to move forward since although American were not directly impacted by the Communists or Nazis, however with American being the melting pot or salad as it is there are people from all over who might have been.

Later on in the week we celebrate Women’s Equality Day, sure this is a purely American event as it remembers the passage of the 19th Amendment which granted women the vote in the United States. It would be wonderful if there was more equality for women in the world today as we are currently in the third wave of feminism where the focus has shifted to include the problems of non-white and queer women.

Monica of Hippo (331 – 387)
Monica is the mother of Augustine and is a reminder of the role of the mother on the spiritual development of their children.

Moses the Black (330–405)
I was introduced to Moses the Black through Jason Bach Cartoons. Moses was one of the Desert Fathers. He started life as a robber but by chance he came to the monastery at Sketes and was enthralled by the monks life. From what I’ve read about him Moses was the muscles of the monastery as one time robbers came and Moses fought back and then brought them to the praying monks since it wouldn’t be Christians to hurt these individuals. The robbers repented and joined the monks.  Moses is one saint to read up on.

Mariam Baouardy, OCD, or Mary of Jesus Crucified,  (5 January 1846 – 26 August 1878)
Mariam is one of the latest canonized Saints in the Church. She was a discalced Carmelite who was a Melkite Greek Catholic, an Eastern Catholic  and is only the second Greek Catholic to be canonized. She is another interesting saint that you should read up on as she is known for her service to the poor while refusing forced conversion to Islam, she also had stigmata.



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