Preseason Football

We are currently in the second week of the NFL Preseason and the sports media is already hyping football like it’s the only game in town despite the fact that there are several MLB postseason races which are mighty interesting and the MLS season is winding down as well.  Sure I understand the reason why preseason games need to be played as it’s a chance for some players to audition for a role on the team or the settle who all is starting material for the upcoming season. However there is also the chance that injuries can happen and basically wreck the whole season before it begins. My hometown team, has had the unfortunate place of having two such injuries within their first two games, the top Tight End is out for the season and it looks like the Offensive line still has holes that need the be patched up so that the Quarterback can have some time to throw the ball.  Throwing in the towel at this stage of the season is not something to look forward to, sure perhaps in the three or so weeks before the season begins some of these problems will get fixed but that would be very hopeful thinking.

My biggest question is if the NFL wants to have the addition revenue from ticket sales of  four more weeks of the season why not just start the whole season with preseason and have these games count it would be one way to get more fans into the stand to see the games since they would mean something or at least make like games 3 and 4 count then the media hype around the event would mean something.  Well the NFL season begins soon as does the College Football season, and people are all ready to see what will happen this upcoming year.


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