Crazy ideas

This has got to be one of the craziest ideas ever, well besides the Kickstarter for potato salad. This one takes the cake for the craziest some folks in the UK want to build Minas Tirith, you know that city from Lord of the Rings which is the fortified capital of Gondor. For this to happen they are asking for close to 2 billion pounds for the project. They’ve reached about 50 thousand in a fortnight, so unless a miracle happens I highly doubt that they will reach this goal in 60 days. It’s an ambitious idea but even when Peter Jackson made the film he only made portions of the city to scale and they only had a “big-ature” a large miniature of the complete city since Minas Tirith is a huge the book describes it as rising like 1000 feet tall with seven levels at 100 feet tall with a 300 foot tower.



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