German food

Despite having a German last name, I don’t know much about German food, sure there is wursts and beer along with sauerbraten and schnitzels with spatzle, yet compared to like Italian food I couldn’t tell you what makes it German. So I’ve decided to do a German meal of sorts. I scoured the internet for inspiration that wasn’t the typical German food, this lead to a dead end of sorts as there were typical things but nothing jumped out and screamed that it was German. So I ended up looking at many restaurants that have German food and decided to make something that I would order off the menu. I settled on the Schweinekotelett, offered at DC’s Cafe Berlin as something that I could reasonably make at home, it’s an apple cider glazed grilled pork chop with bacon and green beans and goat cheese mashed potatoes. I’ve decided against green beans, I might pick up the frozen green beans with spatzle in a sauce but I’ll be making Rotkohl mit apfeln, red cabbage with apples cooked in bacon fat. As for desert I’ll be making a Pflumekuchen, a plum cake, as to what type that it still up in the air right now, but we will see what comes of all of this on Saturday when I make all of this.


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