News Roundup

Pope Francis: Yesterday the Pope announced that 1 September will be the first World Day of Prayer for the Care of Creation. This date is the same as the Environment Day for most of the Orthodox Church as well. This is interesting as it is a date which both halves of the Church agree upon. The environment is a cause for everyone to take a closer look at since we are the people living on this planet.

Future History: This was a cool chart that details events from books that take place in the future  from 2012 until 802701. It is interesting to look at what what authors imagined would happen in the future, although they are not as crazy as some of the predictions made about the future it is a unique look at the future through the lens of literature.

Objectification on television: Most people like to yell about how more and more women are wearing less and less on television and there have been some calls for men to join in and as Kevin Bacon put it “Free the Bacon.” However Natalie Dormer from Game of Thrones recently said that it really goes both ways in with men being objectified as much as women, she noted the recent “scandal” about Poldark’s six pack.  Yet people flock to watch show with no real concern. It would be nice to see some films and television programs with regular looking people who aren’t that attractive. I just think that with women it is a bit more noticeable to show a breast rather than a rear end as it gets more attention and there are websites that exist to highlight each and every time a boob is shown by a female.

Beer: This is an update on the Stone Brewing down in Richmond. They poured the concrete for 40 massive fermentation tanks. It’s going to be huge facility and according to representatives for Stone when it is fully operational Richmond has the capacity for 2 and a half times the capacity out in California. This also means that we will have a better supply of Stone on the East Coast some time in 2016. I am looking forward to this and will most likely be taking a trip down when it opens and swing by some of the Richmond breweries (Legend, Hardywood) as well.


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