Food Network “Star”

This current season has been one of the worst, from the first episode we’ve already known who the top three were going to be. Jay, Eddie and Dom are decent people but the ideas for show doesn’t seems to be anything different than what is already on the network, best fried food, Southern BBQ and Italian and these are all travel shows, with them going to places and finding food. Sure they might have a segment where they make an interpretation of whatever they ate at the location but I remember when you could actually watch the Food Network and learn something about food and how to prepare it rather than watch people going to restaurants and trying the food there. Also this season Food Network is choosing the winner so it looks like Dom will be winning as Bobby and Giada both have crushes on him as many times this season they were all about lets give him another week to see if he improves with his on-camera segments. I thought that they might get an interesting culinary POV this year, I mean Rue’s was something that I’d never seen before, but it seems like the Food Network’s main focus for the evening programming currently is restaurants and Chopped or other competitions. I’ve given up on this channel, if i want to watch shows about food, PBS and Netflix have that covered with Mind of a Chef and Chef’s Table.


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