The Daily Show with Jon Stewart

The final Daily Show with Jon Stewart is airing tonight at 11. The New York Times has a nice write up on Jon, check it out as well as the boat load of article that are floating around on the internet I am sure that there will be more links and article in other papers. This is the end of an era as Jon has hosted the show for the past 16 or so years and has been a vital news source for my generation as he and everyone else on the program has cut through the BS that most cable networks feed the public. Being called the most trusted name in News is sort of funny when you remember that this is a half hour show on Comedy Central four nights a week. Jon was the person who helped so many young adult become active participants in the political system by breaking it all down with the Indecision chronicling the campaigns for as long as the political campaigns lasted. As Jon and Louis CK were talking about on Wednesday nights show about how when Trevor Noah takes over it will be different but it gives us the chance to fall in love with the show all over again, we will have to see what happens come September.

If you’ve got some time tomorrow flip over to Comedy Central and watch some of the classic moments from the long tenure of Mr. Stewart, from his first episode with Michael J. Fox to his post 9/11 episode to the final episode with Jon and it’s bound to run long. On tonight’s show I expect to see a lot of the former correspondents and guest back to bid Jon farewell, kind of like they did with the Colbert Report, when that ended many moons ago.


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