18th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Last week we talk about feeding a multitude of people, this week the amount of people changes and the focus is on bread. We begin in Exodus where the people of Israel were grumbling about how they are starving and would rather be back in Egypt where they had enough food to eat. The Lord heard this and said to Moses, “Tell them, in the evening you will eat flesh (quail) and in the morning you will have your fill of bread. So that you may know the I the Lord am your God.” In the evening quails covered the camp and in the morning after the dew fell as it evaporated it left fine flakes on the ground. They asked Moses what it was, and he replied that it was the bread that the Lord have given you to eat. Paul’s letter really doesn’t have a strong connection to the bread mentioned in the first reading and Gospel. Paul continues talking to the Ephesians and says that we all who have heard the message of Christ should become a new self one that is created in righteousness, holiness and truth.

This brings us to the Gospel of John and we pick up about ten verses from where we ended last week with the feeding of the multitudes. Jesus walks on water in the part that we skip. The people, those who came to the multiplication of loaves and fishes, saw that Jesus was no longer on that side of the sea and they headed to Capernaum to find Jesus. Jesus tells them to not to work for food that perishes but for food that gives eternal life. Someone in the crowd asks Jesus for some of this eternal bread, Jesus replies “I am the bread of life; whoever comes to me will never hunger and whoever believes in me will never thirst.” Just as the Israelites who grumbled for sustenance in the desert we have Jesus who is there to provide for us. This is why Paul says that we who have heard the message of Jesus should be new people as we no longer hunger. We should be able to recognize that we are given all that we need with from the Lord and we don’t need much more than that.


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