News Roundup

To begin this week it’s not really news but I found this rather humorous it’s a etiquette guide for eating hot dogs. It offers such sage advice as eat it with your hands and don’t use fine china. The best is the rule about ketchup.

Antarctica: The last Catholic priest from New Zealand will be leaving after this summer.  The Catholic Church in New Zealand had an annual invitation from the US National Science Foundation to come down for the summer months and minister to the scientist and researchers based at the US McMurdo Station on Ross Island. This is an interesting article as you really forget about the people living down there, and the isolation that being at the bottom of the world puts on you. This reminded me about an article that the Washington Post had a couple weeks ago about the Circus Nun. There are places and some job that you really wonder what it’s like in Antarctica it’s so far from anything else and with the circus you are moving so often that you;d think that they would have some type of religious individuals working with them.

WMATA:Senators are calling for minimum safety standards for the DC metro System. I think one way to solve this problem is to simply increase the federal funding for the system so they can upgrade the trains, since they are still using many of the same cars from when the system first began.

Olympics: Boston has withdrawn it’s name from the role of host candidate from the United States. So it seems like LA is a shoo-in for candidate for the United States although DC and San Francisco are still on the short list. The US Olympic Committee have until September to name a new candidate. I personally hope that the 2024 Olympics are sent to Paris as it would be a really cool thing since that Paris last hosted the games in 1924. However, it looks likely that the United States might be hosts as they haven’t had an Olympics since 1996 or 2002. The only way that this might change is if they want to have the Olympics in Africa since no nation from there has ever hosted similar to what FIFA did when it let South Africa host the World Cup.

Jamestown: This is the coolest news that I read today, they have found some Crypto-Catholics buried at Jamestown. As you can read they found the four leaders of the settlement at Jamestown these were the first leaders of a successful English Colony in the Americas. It you have the time check out the video and even just visit the Jamestown page on Youtube. This story brings up a different aspect of the colonial life, since most of us learned that Maryland was where the Catholics went but it seems that Catholics were all over the place.


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