Lesser Known…

Friendship Day: This is a classic observance made up by Hallmark to sell card during their low season, it was intended that on August 2 people would send each other cards. However this was not to happen as consumers saw through the gimmick and by the 1940s the observance was over in the United States. Yet the day wasn’t over quite yet as it spread to Europe and then on to Asia where is became a huge thing. With the rise of social media like Facebook and the like Friendship Day has been revived. The United Nations heard of this and in 2011 they declared that 30 July as International Friendship Day. I hope we all can do something special with our friends this upcoming Friendship Day.

Pantaleon (c. 275-305)
Pantaleon mean all compassionate and is one of the Fourteen holy helpers in the West where he is patron for physicians, and against cancer & tuberculosis; and one of the Holy Unmercenaries in the East. This is a unique saint as although there is evidence to suggest that Pantaleon existed some think that the stories associated with him are completely legendary. Some of these stories are a bit crazy, he was a the Emperor’s doctor and eventually turned to his faith since Jesus was the greatest healer. For revealing his faith to the emperor by healing a paralytic but this made the emperor condemn him to die for use of magic. This is the best part according to the hagiographies is the description of his death, he was first burned with torches but Christ appeared as his friend Hermolaus who healed the burns. Since this didn’t work a molten bath was prepared and Jesus stepped into the the bath with Pantaleon and the lead became cold and the fire went out. Then Pantaleon was thrown into the sea with a great stone unfortunately the stone floated. Next he was bound to a wheel but the ropes snapped and the wheel broke. Finally they tried to just behead him, but the sword bent, and the executioners were converted to Christianity. Pantaleon then implored Heaven to forgive them, and It wasn’t until he desired to die that it was possible to behead him, upon which there issued forth blood and a white liquid like milk.


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