17th Sunday in Ordinary Time

The readings this week will make you a little hungry as most of the readings talk about multiplication of food. This starts in the first reading from the second book of Kings where Elisha, the great prophet and friend of the bears, is brought 20 barley loves from a man from Baal-shalishah. Elisha says to give this to all the people for the Lord says “they shall eat and there will be some left over.” The event prefigures the miracle that happens in the Gospel today. Paul’s Letter to the Ephesians comes next and is sort of out of place since it’s not about food in any way, Paul is writing from Jail and in typical Paul fashion this consists of one long sentence, he says that we are all called to be one united in love and the spirit, which is love.

This brings us to the Gospel of John where we hear about the multiplication of loaves and fishes. We should all know this story it’s getting late and the crowds don’t want to leave Jesus to get something to eat Jesus asks Phillip “Where can we get enough food for everyone?” but Jesus was testing Phillip. Phillip comes up saying that 200 days wages would only give everyone just a little. Andrew says Jesus there’s a boy with five loves and two fish, but what good are these? Jesus then performs the miracle and the food is dispersed amongst the people. When everyone had eaten their fill they collected twelve baskets full of scraps. This seems to be similar to whenever you have company over for dinner or a party at least for me it seems that I always have more then enough food for everyone and then I’ve got food for days afterwards as well.


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