News Roundup

Music: This was a cool story about how the music of Mozart and other classical composers sounded a little different from what we know it as. Since there was a completely different style of playing the piano. Christina Kobb has taught herself how they played the piano some 200 years ago. It’s pretty cool and there is a video of it as well. If you have some time watch the video.

Theatre: Some sad news Theodore Bikel the originator of Captain Von Trapp and played Teyve more times than anyone in the world has died. I was lucky to see him in Fiddler back in 2001 when it stopped by Wolf Trap.

Space: This is the best news of the week NASA has conducted a study which said that human could be back on the moon by 2021. With all the recent NASA news about Pluto and the the robotic missions it is nice to have some speculation about NASA sending human back into space. This is only if NASA continues the collaboration with the private space companies (SpaceX, Orbital Sciences, Boeing) like with the resupply missions (ongoing) and eventually crewed missions (2017). I hope that with all the other science that we are getting from Outer Space it inspires younger American to get interested in become Astronauts, and perhaps there will be one day when we have a moon colony and we can go visit the moon like it’s only a trip across the ocean. Then we can start development on Luna Park.


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