Lesser Known…

Thorlak or Thorlac Thorhallsson (1133 – December 23, 1193)
Thorlak is the patron saint of Iceland and they waited a long time between his death and when the Church officially recognized Thorlak as a Saint, Pope John Paul II canonized him in 1984. With his feast in December, why am I mentioning Thorlak in July simply because in 1198 his relics were translated to the Cathedral of Skálholt. The translation of relics is a unique feast as it is when the relics are moved from one place to another.

Lawrence of Brindisi, OFM Cap., (July 22, 1559 – July 22, 1619)
Lawrence is a Doctor of the Church as well as a Capuchin. He is given the title Doctor apostolicus
or Apostolic Doctor. Giulio Cesare Russo was born into a Venetian merchant family and not much happened during his childhood, after studying at St. Mark’s College in Venice he would join the Capuchins in Verona where he took the name Lawrence. Where he would go back to school and it is there that he learn to be a linguist, as he spoke most European and Semitic languages fluently. In 1596 Lawrence was appointed by Pope Clement VIII to convert the Jews of Rome. By 1599 he was off establishing Capuchin monasteries across Germany and Austria this was an aspect of the Counter-Reformation and many protestants came back to the Catholic faith. In 1601, Lawrence was name chaplain for the army of Rudolph II the Holy Roman Emperor. It is said that during this year Lawrence went into battle armed only with a crucifix. Lawrence is a cool figure as he was a highly learned individual and did a whole bunch of thing and that should be the model for all priest. I believe that he is given the title Apostolic Doctor because he could speak in tongues, as his contemporary Cardinal Cajetan said Lawrence was “an incarnation of the old apostles, who, speaking to all nations, were understood by all.  He is a living Pentecost.”


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