News Roundup

Space: This is the biggest news since NASA’s New Horizons probe has reached Pluto and is sending back information currently. However this new information is going to take a long time to be all send over at Gizmodo they point out that we will be getting a smattering here at the beginning but to look at all we have it’s going to take about 16 months for it all to be sent back to earth. It is a reasonable speed when we remember that the probe left Earth about a decade ago, Pluto is 3 billion miles away and it’s running on like 10 watts of power. I hope that the information gathered inspires the youth of America to take up the banner of Space exploration.

Beer: This is pretty funny with all the trouble that Budweiser is/has gotten in from trying to emphasis the Macro-brewery and the simpleness of what they produce. You might remember that at the Super Bowl they bemoaned the Pumpkin peach ales and other strange flavors at micro-breweries and other craft breweries. I’ve read that many craft breweries made and perhaps will be offering Pumpkin peach beer this fall as a result of the ad. Since it is summer Budweiser is back at it saying on Twitter that “No one cheers the individual who brings a watermelon wheat”. This statement was not taken kindly by the fan of 21th Amendment Brewery’s Hell or High Watermelon.  This is great news since there are so many small breweries throughout the US and it would be great if beer drinkers looked at what’s local or regional instead of the big national beers.

DC/NYC: I found this an interesting article and it’s related to another article I read a couple days ago, at Congressional Cemetery they will have goats taking care of the invasive species that are threatening trees.  The other article was about sheep grazing at Old St. Patrick’s in NYC. I like these stories about animals being brought back into cities to do things like this that they once did in the same cities. It’s great since it introduces children to farm animals and so many children living in large cities are very disconnected from where food comes from.


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