15th Sunday in Ordinary Time

This week the readings have the same feel as last week with the general theme of ministry. We begin with the Prophet Amos, one of the lesser prophets, we pick up right after Amos had just been giving some prophecy importantly that the king Jeroboam would die by the sword and Israel would be exiled. We begin with Amos being rebuked and sent away from Bethel (Northern Israel) for being a prophet by Amaziah who says that he should go to Judah (Southern Israel) and prophesy since that is how he earns his bread. Amos however says that he was a simple shepherd and dresser of sycamores but the Lord came to him and said “Go, prophesy to my people Israel.” The Lord calls people from various places in life to service. In the epistle we hear from Paul’s letter to the Ephesians, although the extent of the reading is simple Paul’s welcome and thanksgiving. In this Paul goes into depth about how we are all children of our Father in heaven for in love we are adopted through Jesus. It’s a pretty little picture since he has chose us before the foundation of the world. Turning to the Gospel we hear Mark tell of Jesus sending the twelve out two by two into the world taking nothing but a walking stick and sandals. They were sent out to preach, drive out spirits, and heal the sick. Once again we have a call for mission go out into the world taking nothing with us since the Lord will provide for all that we need. It doesn’t matter where we begin but this message is meant for us as well we should be bringing the Word out into the world and trying to make it a better place for all of our brothers and sisters that we share it with. The Lord doesn’t care what we are Amos was a tree dresser and he became a prophet we are all called at our baptism to be prophet, priest and king but for many of us we forget this over the time since we were baptized.


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