The great name debate part 9

As you might recall the American Football team in Washington the Redskins are in the midst of a huge legal battle about their name. I’ve touched on this subject in the past but news came yesterday that a Federal Judge ruled to cancel the Redskins’ trademark registration upholding the Trademark board’s ruling that the name is offensive to Native Americans in the Amanda Blackhorse et al. case but the Redskins are going to appeal this decision and  the trial will go on for ages. The Suzan Harjo’s case lasted from 1992-2005 and Blackhorse’s case has been on going since 2006 so we are bound for a couple more appeals of this case it might even go to the SCOTUS, but that would be years from now. However, it looks like everything is swinging in favor of the name being changed with the whole Supreme Court upholding the Rights of Texas to not make a Confederate license plate an option since it offends some people.

So until next time the Indians can still have Chief Wahoo and the Braves/Seminoles can do a tomahawk chop and not a single person is offended. I wonder whenever the Redskins finally change the name (when they move into a new stadium in the District) the Indians and Braves will make some changes as well, or if they will hear louder calls for change.


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