News Roundup

Broadway: This has to be my favorite story in quite some time. Talk about audience etiquette. This past week up at Hand to God on Broadway an audience member thought it would be a good idea to charge his phone on stage while the show was going on.  He saw an electric outlet and thought that looks like a great place to charge, the only problem with the outlet was it was on stage and not a real socket. This took place before the show began but who in their right mind  would think that a set would have live wires in them.

Apple Watch: No one wants to buy an Apple Watch, or perhaps more accurately everyone who wants an Apple Watch already has one. This is the first product that is not by Jobs so it means something, according to the article two-thirds of all watches sold have been the Sport model those at the lowest price. It took the iPod about three years before it was that popular but as I said in April when the Watch came out, if you’ve got an iPhone already it’s bound to be on you so by getting the watch it’s a little bit more convenient and you can pay by like waving your wrist or something. If wearable technology is the future and Apple makes it more than an accessory for your phone then it might have a item people will want to buy, but it would be cool if the wristwatch makes a comeback

X-Files: Only 200 days left until the miniseries event of the winter. Fox teases us with a trailer for the upcoming season which reminds us about the show and says that with if we watch an episode everyday we will be done by the premiere in January. There isn’t much new footage in the teaser, it’s Mulder and Scully running into a room with flashlights and guns. I am looking forward to this, I’ve already started a re-watch of the series and have made it about halfway through season 4.


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