Young Nuns, youth and religious life

I stumbled on a documentary on YouTube about Young Nuns in Britain and it reminded me about that Lifetime “docu-series” The Sisterhood: Becoming Nuns which was on last fall. Both of these are interesting looks at the religious life, which is a splendid idea as there aren’t many people who really know what the religious sisters do. The closest that most of us get to Nuns is The Sound Of Music and we hear bits Nuns in education or healthcare but that’s about it. There has been an increase of individuals that are going into vocations. If you have some time watch this or the thing from Lifetime I found them both to be very informative of what some individuals are doing and that there is a strong desire among  some of the younger “JPII Generation” to go into religious life, so there is some hope for the future as there are more people actually interested in their faith.


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