Women’s World Cup Final

Well, as most people suspected the United States beat Japan and took home their record third World Cup Trophy. It was a blow out but it sure was an exciting game, a hat trick in the first 16 minutes is crazy. Carli Lloyd now has the fastest hat trick in World Cup History and only the second in a World Cup final joining Geoff Hurst from England in 1966.

This was a remarkable event as the team from the US as it marks the end for many long time members of the team as they finally won the World Cup. For Christie Rampone, it looks like her final World Cup at the age of 40, she became the oldest player in Women’s World Cup history, although she hasn’t made any official retirement date it seems like it will be some time before 2019. Abby Wambach announced before the tournament began that this was her final World Cup. There are some that are speculating that after the Olympics in Rio in 2016 we might see a large turnover in players.

Will the success at the World Cup increase the attendance at the National Women’s Soccer League games as it is the premier women’s league in the United States. The NWSL is the third attempt for a professional women’s soccer league in the US, this one has made it to a third season  and hopefully this league will make it to a fourth season as all previous attempts have only lasted three seasons.

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