14th Sunday in Ordinary Time

The St. Joseph Missal indicates that the theme of this week’s readings is the priest’s ministry, while this seems apropos I think the message is meant for all of us as at baptism we are all called to be priest, prophet and king. So it is more about the universal call to ministry. We begin the readings in the book of the prophet Ezekiel and we hear from early on in this book as we hear that as the Lord spoke to Ezekiel the spirit entered into Ezekiel and he hear a call to go minister to the Israelites as they are rebels who have rebelled against the Lord, they are hard of face and an obstinate of heart. This same description can perfectly sum up society today as well. So we are called to go out saying “Thus says the Lord…” so that people know that a prophet has been amongst them.

We look at the second letter from Paul to the Corinthians and we hear a similar problems has been facing those in Corinth. They are dealing with false preachers and Paul sees this as a problem since these false ones are preaching about how their message is from the Lord. However, Paul will tell you that he has problems as well and that through Paul’s flaws we are directed towards Christ. As Paul writes “for when I am weak, then I am strong.” this here is a call to be a suffering servant. For some many of us we see the strengths in ourselves and want to emphasize them but Paul says that we should be emphasizing our weakness as they bring us closer to Christ.

As we turn to the Gospel we have the story of Jesus going to the synagogue at his home and preaching but the crowds are more interested in that fact that it’s Jesus, the “Hey, I know that guy” effect and they don’t listen to what Jesus has to say. Mark notes that Jesus didn’t do many miracles except for a couple because the people of his home town were lacking faith. So to sum it all up we have to be willing to embrace our weaknesses and go out of our communities to preach the good news.


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